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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Actors - Create Your Own Web Movie in 5 Easy Steps

Actors - Create Your Own Web Movie in 5 Easy StepsBy Melody Jackson

Most actors in Hollywood focus their efforts on landing roles on the biggest network series or in studio and major independent films. But if you're not being cast in the big projects - maybe not even getting the opportunity to audition for them - then what can you do? If you're willing to do some work and step out of your comfort zone, you could get a headstart on the newest media format making news around the world, and that is making your own 1-to-2 minute movies for the web and mobile devices.
Although many actors say they "just want to act," the reality is that, as an actor, if you want to make sure you work, you need to initiate your own projects. And keep in mind, you probably already have lots of friends who are also working on their directing, writing, and producing careers. You can initiate putting a team together to make these short films. Making movies for the new media market is the easiest it will ever be to get yourself out there.
This article is going to tell you what you need to do in just five easy steps:
1. Come up with a 2-minute short storyline and either write it yourself or get someone to write it for you.
Chances are, if you aren't a writer, you know several. In fact, it's very likely that there's at least one in your acting class. Either on your own or with someone, decide what kind of character you want to play, then write a simple, two-page scene.
2. Find someone who has a digital video camera that you can use to shoot your scene.
The camera you use doesn't have to be high-end. You can start with something that's lower-end and easy-to-use. The most important thing is to get your first short movie done without worrying about it. You can learn as you go.
3. Shoot your movie in one room. Or possibly a quick interior and exterior shot of the same location.
Keep it very simple. Shoot a Master Shot. Then shoot it again in a Medium Shot or Close-Up. Make sure there's no noise in the background. Doing the sound right is the hardest part.
4. Load the digital footage onto your computer and edit your movie.
If you don't know how to download your video, then read the manual or ask your friends to help you. Once it's on your computer, it will be in a standard format that you can edit using a free program like Windows Movie Maker that usually comes with your PC. Now you have to edit your movie. Go to the Microsoft site to learn all about using Windows Movie Maker. For a Mac, try this free video editor.
You can also ask friends in your classes if they know how to edit. Or get your editing/directing buddies to help you. Windows Movie Maker is made for home use, so it is pretty easy if you sit down and follow instructions. It's not the most powerful, but it will get you started. After you edit it in the software, you can export it to a format that can be viewed online. Find the Export command on the software and follow instructions from there.
5. Upload it to various sites, like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and your own website.
Once you make your film, then take marketing actions to get it seen. Start by putting it on your basic networking places, like Facebook or MySpace. Tell people about it verbally. Email your friends about it. Post it on various video sites. You can start your own channel on YouTube, for one. Although you won't get paid for it, you could start to develop a following or fan base by creating a strong persona.
The most important thing is to get started. After you do your first one, take what you learn and do another one. You might even get your team to plan on doing a series of these and who knows where it could lead. Most actors sit and wait to get calls. To really give yourself a chance -you must initiate your own projects. It's that simple.
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