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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Metaphor Examples Improve Your Storytelling

Good Metaphor Examples Improve Your StorytellingBy Terri Rains

When telling a story or writing a book, one of the best ways to prove your point is by using metaphor examples to illustrate your points. Many try to avoid this type of writing or speaking because they believe it is too casual to sound professional; however, in many cases metaphors are the perfect way to prove a point.
Metaphors are simply figures of speech, used to describe things more vividly. In creative writing, these can be a staple to bring life or interest to an otherwise boring sentence. Rather than saying something like "My chair was hard," using a metaphor can explain the extent and bring a connection between you and the listener or reader. In that case, something like, "The chair provided to me was a rock," would be a good example of a metaphor.
Another important reason to use metaphors in your stories is to create a reason for those experiencing your story to think for themselves. Rather than a simple statement of facts, by alluding to an object or idea, in reference to something else, readers must interpret the meaning for themselves. This is what can draw a reader or listener into a story, making them imagine exactly what you mean.
Metaphors can also be used to shorten lengthy ideas. By comparing a series of experiences, feelings, or ideas within one phrase or sentence, you can reduce your wording to a more acceptable level. For example, saying something like "The storm was wild with anger," would be a good metaphor to describe the power of the ocean during a storm, without detailing the wind, rain, hail, and whatever other conditions were in place.
Good writers and storytellers use metaphors frequently in their creative pieces to paint pictures with their words. By finding metaphor examples to incorporate into your own stories, or even creating your own unique metaphors that mesh with your experiences, you can take your story to a new level. Pick up any of the most classic and best know books in the world, you'll be able to find thousands of examples of metaphors to get you started.
Learning how to tell a story is a powerful skill. Get some of the best information and perspective on metaphor examples right away.
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