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Sunday, September 6, 2009

"How Do I Sell My Ebook?" Everything You Need to Start Selling Ebooks!

"How Do I Sell My Ebook?" Everything You Need to Start Selling Ebooks!By M. Alexander

Selling ebooks is not that difficult, but there is a bit of a learning curve. If you're somewhat web-savvy, you can do it -- only takes time and some financial investment to sell your ebook by yourself.
The following is a list of virtually everything you need to write and sell your ebook online:
A Word Processing Program to type it up in. You'll also want to use an attractive template -- you want the final product to look more like a nice-looking book and less like a college term paper.
PDF-making software, such as Adobe Acrobat (you can also find free software). You'll use this to turn your document into an ebook, as PDF is the standard format for ebooks, and most computer users have PDF-reading capability.
Automatic digital content delivery service such as e-Junkie, so buyers have immediate access to your ebook.
A website or blog to promote and sell your ebook. You can get a free website (such as Webs.com) and simply buy a domain name. Note that if you plan on using Clickbank to sell, they prohibit you from using a free website.
A PayPal account to receive payment. Alternatively, you can use the above-mentioned Clickbank to process payment. I strongly prefer PayPal, as they don't take a significant percentage, and you get your payment immediately. If you get yourself a PayPal debit card (for free!), you'll have instant access to your cash. I've been in love with my PayPal debit card ever since I was a poor grad student: I'd sell something on eBay and get instant access to the money, so I could go out and by more instant noodles.
An autoresponder such as Aweber to stay in touch with customers and prospective buyers, or to deliver free sample chapters of your ebook.
An education in SEO (search engine optimization) and internet marketing. After all, you'll never sell a thing if you don't get website visitors.
With these elements in place, you should be able to sell your book. If you'd like help releasing and selling your ebook visit MisterEbooks.com, where we'll provide you with all the resources to set-up and sell your ebook -- for free!
Mister Ebooks (a.k.a., Mike) helps you publish and sell your ebook for free. Go here for more info: http://www.MisterEbooks.com
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