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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Make the Perfect YouTube Video the Do's and Don'ts

How to Make the Perfect YouTube Video the Do's and Don'tsBy Real Andrews

Do you know how to make the perfect YouTube video? If you are not uploading videos in YouTube, you are definitely not "in" with this social medial craze. Everybody wants to see themselves on video and people love to upload anything in YouTube, from simple wacky and crazy personal videos to the sophisticated marketing system done with video technology.
Today, uploading videos in YouTube is as simple as ABC, you can do it even with the help of cell phone video features. But how to make the perfect YouTube video takes a lot of consideration and effort. Of course we want our video to last and as much as possible be a perfect one. If you have tried many things but still aren't happy with the outcome, this article may help you solve some of those problems.
YouTube is now High-Definition (HD) ready like Plasma televisions and the latest LCD. You need to adapt to their system to be able to get them to play with with great quality. If you want HD quality videos, you will need a video source that can handle it. Make sure to save your video in YouTube in 1280×720 and YouTube's compressor will love you for doing it and definitely reward you with better quality and give you the pleasure of having to watch your videos in HD
Balance the Bit rate
To make it simple, Bit rates is the number of bits that your video will contain per period of time. Usually this comes up in Kilobits or Megabits per second. It's true that the higher the bit rates the better, but if you go too high your video files may exceed the limitations of YouTube. That is why you need to balance it. So you still want high bit rates but you don't want to exceed the limitation. A video that has around 6Mbps to 8Mbps is a good range. Remember that YouTube can handle up to 1GB of file but only 10 minutes playing time so you also need to pay attention to that.
Editing and resizing your video
Part of producing good quality video is the editing process. You can edit your personal videos, movies and other events in programs such as Windows' Movie Maker, Final Cut or Mac's iMovie, these are all acceptable. You can cut out a bad take, add titles, effects, and a lot more.
These are 3 things to pay attention to that will help to make your You Tube videos, videos that people want to watch over and over again.
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  1. Thanks it was a very good guide, now to make the perfect youtube video the do's and don'ts is simple with the help of your tips. Kudos