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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Monetizing Blogs by Writing Reviews

Monetizing Blogs by Writing ReviewsBy Tim Yu

The most interesting way in monetizing blog is by writing paid reviews. Unlike pay per clicks, reviews have upfront payment and they're worth much more than other methods like ads clicking. If you're resolute and willing to work hard when it comes to writing, which is what blogging is basically all about you'll be able to earn a decent income writing reviews on your blog.
Not all blogs are qualified to do paid reviews. Most companies have age requirement, the age of your blog that is, and if your blog is fairly new it is unlikely that you'll qualify. Other considerations include, page rank, relevance of content, and the number of entries made. However, if you feel that your blog is strong and competitive in all areas, there's no reason why you shouldn't try writing paid reviews on your blog.
First you have to register your blog to review networks. If your blog is approved then you are good to go. Review networks work with companies that are looking for blogs to review their products. The pay can be high but quality review is strictly mandatory. If your blog is high on the page rank or has heavy traffic flow then a lot of companies will approach you to do the job. Your review is subject for approval so make sure that you have followed guidelines and details. Once your review is approved, payment will subsequently follow.
Prices for reviews vary and some review networks will allow you to bid for companies that offer higher prices. You can make a sales pitch directly to companies and convince them why they should choose your blog. When you have build a reputation then getting clients will be an easier task. If you are a long-time blogger and have not explored this area of monetizing blog, it is definitely worth looking into.
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