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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Promoting Your Business With Podcasts

Promoting Your Business With PodcastsBy Aaron Howard

Podcasts, when used correctly, can be an effective way to promote your business on the internet. A podcast is made up of one or many media files that you can syndicate or distribute throughout the internet via a feed. This feed can then be accessed by your customers or prospects using their computer media player or a portable media device. An excellent way to offer this is in the form of a weekly or monthly program. You can even use an effective podcast to replace your current newsletter.
Businesses can offer their pod cast directly on their own website or they can upload them to another site that hosts many different pod casts in varied categories. This allows users to share them with friends and people who they feel would be interested. There are also sites that allow other webmasters to freely feature podcast developed by those who upload them to the site. This can help you to gain valuable exposure from sites who may get better traffic than yours or they may host a broader audience.
Using podcast to promote your business helps you to gain instant authority. Searchers who are specifically looking for information about to your products and services can subscribe to the podcast that you create. This is a great way to retain individuals that may be looking to buy in the future but just need additional information. Another nice selling point for podcasts is that they can be submitted to directories that are specifically for them. That means that searchers who access your information from this directory are already familiar with the format and then will be more open to receiving your message.
Podcasting can help your business build credibility. A listener knows that there is a real person or group of people behind your business, when you put yourself out there like that it helps to build trust. Podcasters that have an entertaining and educational format to their programs seem to generate the most interest and so it is important to remember this when scripting your program.
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