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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Should You Worry About Buyers Sharing Your Ebook When You Sell Information Online?

Should You Worry About Buyers Sharing Your Ebook When You Sell Information Online?By Stephen R. Beck

Is there any way to protect your ebooks from being shared when you sell information online? Using ClickBank is a potential solution. By accepting payment with ClickBank, it gives you some security.
How does it work? The first step is to create a sales page for your product. A customer clicks on the buy link and Clickbank allows them to enter their credit card information. If the information is valid, ClickBank sends the customer your download page. If the payment is not valid, ClickBank will not send the customer your download page. As a result, a customer can only access your page if they provide a valid form of payment
What happens after the customer pays for the ebook and downloads it to their computer? There is nothing that prevents that customer from sharing your ebook with everyone because the PDF document can be easily shared.
One possible solution when you sell information online is to use a password protection membership website to control distribution of the ebook. Instead of placing the information in a PDF, you keep it on one of these websites. When someone accesses a product that I have on one of these websites, they need to enter their user name and password and if there is a problem with payment they cannot see the information. I have a main course that costs $700 and has a $97 monthly subscription. That is not something I want being distributed for free. On the other hand, I might not care as much for a $27 ebook.
If only some people share it or your niche is a Christian or home school niche, ideally you will not have to deal with blatant sharing. One good idea is to include in your product a phrase such as ?This is not a free ebook. If you received this without paying for it, please delete it and email me letting me know who shared it with you.? Most people are honest and will delete it. They know that they should not have the book and will delete it without a problem because of their honesty.
The bottom line is that unless you keep your information on a password protected membership website or use PDF protection software, there is not much you can do to stop sharing when you sell information online.
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