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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Steps to Write a Book - Creating an Outline

Steps to Write a Book - Creating an OutlineBy Terri Rains

Creating an outline is one of the most important steps to write a book, which is often overlooked by amateur authors. They might have a mental plan of where they want their book to go, but without a solid, written outline to refer to during the writing process; this vision can easily be lost. By having a solid outline, you can better understand where your book is going and filling in the blanks of your plot line will be much easier when you begin to write the manuscript.
Before writing your outline, write up a synopsis of your book. Even if you aren't exactly sure how your characters are going to get from point A to point B, or what you want to cover in your text, you should have an idea off what you want the completed project to be. Think about the back cover overviews that you have read on successful books and create something like that, discussing the book that you wish to write.
Come up with your main points and chapter titles or ideas. Do not spend too much time worrying about wording your titles, as these can easily be changed as you go. Many times, a chapter will naturally name itself while you are writing the text. Look over the titles and place them in a natural order of progression that will help you to communicate your point to your readers.
Next, create subtopics within the chapters. Jot down specific points that you would like to cover or events that will happen to your characters within the chapter. Refer to this regularly while writing to assure that you stay on track to completion. Once this is complete, you are ready to sit down and write your book.
Keep in mind that you can always change your outline as you go along, so you do not have to be tied down to a point, just because you wrote it in your outline. Use it as a guide to make the steps of writing a book a bit easier. Outlines can make the writing process much easier and help even the most disorganized writer to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.
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