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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Write an Article: Writing Article Content

Author: Peter Nisbet

Writing article content for distribution is a very important part of learning how to write an article, and how well or badly you do it can make or break your online business. If this sounds a bit extreme, knowing how to write an article that keeps the reader riveted to your page can make a massive difference to your business than if your writing was bland and uninteresting. That is indisputable. Most people find the title easy to put together, even if many don't do it properly. However, it is the article content that most people seem to struggle with, particularly the first and last paragraphs.

It appears to be starting the article and finishing it that most inexperienced writers struggle with, not only with regard to the content of these sections but also the use of keywords. Article marketing is about writing articles that interest the reader, and then persuading these readers to visit your website. Not just any page, but a page that relates to the article. That is why you write an article - to get visitors to your web page. They must therefore be interested in your content, which must therefore be defined by the title.

For that reason it is difficult to regard each of the elements of an article independently. Each leads into the other. However, let's have a look at what's involved in writing article content, beginning with the first paragraph.

The first paragraph should take the form of an introduction to the subject of the article. The first sentence should include the main keyword, and will be very important in catching the reader's interest. Although the title would initially have done that, it is the first sentence that will persuade them to continue or to click away. It should almost be like another title, reinforcing the topic heading, and leading into the main content of the article.

Many people will write an article without understanding the importance of the introduction and the way it leads into the main body, and also of the importance of the concluding paragraph, and how it should lead into the resource that comes after it. Writing article content, therefore, is an extremely important part of article marketing, and how you write an article can, I repeat, make or break your online business.

This is particularly so if you rely on article marketing as your major marketing strategy, where the click-through rate of readers to your website is critical to your success. You should therefore pay most attention to the title and first paragraph than to any other part of the article. The reason for that is that if these are not right, the rest won't matter!

Introductory Paragraph

This should follow on from and reinforce the title. As previously stated, the first sentence should contain the main keyword. The next two or three should justify what you say in the first, and then lead into the main points of discussion. My first sentence above makes a bold statement, and the next three support it, or justify it. The final sentence then goes on to describe where the problem lies.

Body of the Article

This should expand on the points made in the introductory paragraph, and should follow on from the last two or three sentences. Expand on the main topic of the article, perhaps explain why the pint to you are making is important, and then propose a solution.

Of course, not all article are of the problem - solution type; some are informative and others narrative. However, irrespective of the subject matter, when you write an article for distribution you can and should still maintain a flow from title to first paragraph, and then from that to the body of the article, so that the interest of the reader is maintained.

Final Paragraph

The final paragraph should be a summing up, and lead into the author's resource, where you publish your web page URL. You should begin by summarizing what has been previously written, and end by suggesting that further information might be useful. Read how I do it below.

Make sure you keep your objective in mind when you write an article, irrespective of the subject matter. Writing article content is easy if you remember to construct your title in such as way as to attract interest, and reinforce that in your first paragraph, particularly in the first sentence where you will repeat your main keyword. Writing article content with then seem much easier, although there is still lot for most people to learn in respect of selecting the right keywords, and constructing titles and initial paragraphs to keep readers fixed on your page.

About the Author:

These are the basics of writing article content, and for more detailed information visit Pete's website at Article Czar where you will receive not only a free gift but also a free article writing course.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - How to Write an Article: Writing Article Content

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How to Write a Song : Songwriting: Structure

It's OK to break the rules of songwriting, but know the structure of a song first so that you can break the rules intelligently. Learn how to write a song in this free music video.

Expert: Athena Reich
Contact: www.athenareich.com
Bio: Athena Reich is a professional musician, actress, artist, singer, songwriter and coach for all of the above.

SongWriting and Poetry

Almost everyone enjoys music or expressing themselves through music. But many people don't know how to go about creating good music or writing good songs. If you have what it takes but want to hone your skills in songwriting game, then these articles and videos are definitely worth taking a gander at. And, if you enjoy poetry or writing poetry, neither will you be disappointed with treasures found among these savory links.


how to write a song songwriting tips technique tutorial lesson

How to Write a Song : Songwriting: Structure

How to Write a Poem

how to write a song songwriting tips technique tutorial lesson

Are you ready to get that hit song out of your head and onto the airwaves? If you're really considering songwriting or just want to express yourself through songs, then this is a video well worth taking a look at.

10 Article Writing Tips For Writing Quality Articles

10 Article Writing Tips For Writing Quality Articles

Author: S McIntyre

When asked for article writing tips, you will surely get a variety of answers. One tip is not more important than the other.

In no particular order, here are my 10 tips that will help you with your writing so you can create the best article each and every time.

1. Gather ideas for your topics. Doing a brain dump is good. Just write ideas as they come to mind. You can sort it out by putting them into categories and subcategories; deleting duplicates and so on.

If sitting in your home office is stunting your creative juices, move to another location. Going for a walk outside clears a clogged mind, but at the same time old stuff is filtered out and new ideas are filtered in. Don't forget to bring something to help you remember your new ideas.

2. Working with an outline will help you stay focused and on the topic. You want to write with clarity and with substance. Don't get too wordy. Get to the point.

3. Research your topic if necessary. Providing misinformation is poor, unprofessional and you lose believability and credibility.

4. Write with a solution in mind. The reason you write is to inform and to help answer your target audience's questions.

5. Connect with your audience. People want to hear your voice. Don't be someone you're not. You get more respect if you are yourself and you are genuine. One of my favourite quotes comes from John Mason "You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

6. Have a beginning, middle and end. Grab your readers' attention with a mind blowing intro. Okay not mind blowing, but something that will entice them to read and not skim through.

The body is where all the juicy information is and the conclusion nicely sums up the message of the article.

7. Proofread, proofread, proofread. And then proofread again out loud. Get another pair of eyes and have them read through your article with a fine tooth comb. Microsoft Word spell checker doesn't detect correctly spelled words used incorrectly in a sentence. Read your apostrophes fully to see if it's (it is) right.

8. Don't be a perfectionist. It's okay to fine tune just don't over tweak, over think and over analyze. The more you edit, the more you lose the core of the article.

9. Write regularly, but not forced or rushed. The latter produces substandard articles.

10. Always have a thesaurus and dictionary close by and use it.

Each time you pick up a pen or start typing in Word, follow these article writing tips to ensure you always create the best quality writing masterpieces.

About the Author:

S McIntyre is the founder of http://www.WorkAtHomeSpace.com, a free work at home resource offering telecommuting jobs, daily job leads, articles, and other work at home related topics. For more article writing tips join her on her work at home forums.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - 10 Article Writing Tips For Writing Quality Articles

How to Build Credibility in Your Copy - An Essential Checklist

Written by Nicky Jameson

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Want to persuade your prospect to buy your product or service? Then assure them they are not making a fool of themselves for buying it.

As a marketer - or as business person writing your own copy, you always want to give your reader reasons to not just make a choice to buy your product. You also need to give them enough fodder to justify their purchase to themselves and to the people who matter to them. They need to be able to do this before they decide to buy.

Credibility is an essential element of persuasive copy. But you'd be surprised how often it's overlooked.

Here's how I would describe credibility: It's you proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that your product will do what you claim it will in your Benefit/Promise.

How To Build Credibility

There are several ways you can build credibility. The bottom line is that you must use as many credibility builders as you can when you write your copy. If you don't you'll end up with false sounding, hype-filled promotions, which sound insincere and unbelievable to your prospect.

Result - You can forget about persuading your prospect to buy anything.

Here are 5 top ways to build credibility.

1. Testimonials. These can be:

Gathered from feedback, surveys or from conversations with subscribers
Personal success stories from people who have used your product or service
A third person report of the success story or...
Personal letters from satisfied customers
When it comes to getting testimonials, be proactive. Ask for them. Usually, if you've delivered on your promise before, people will be only too happy to tell you how it's helped them, how they feel and why. When you receive spontaneous, unsolicited testimonials or feedback ask if you may use this feedback as a testimonial.

Even if you feel you have many testimonials, it's always a good idea to obtain more. By the way, asking for testimonials is also a good opportunity to talk to customers about any other needs they may have and how you can serve them better.

Testimonials are like gold... treat them as such.

2. Personal Profiles of experts or product creators

Include stories, studies and reports that validate your claims. You can collect them from sources your readers trust, such as:

The press

Professional organizations and studies,
Well-known experts in the same field (e.g. Warren Buffet for investing, Henry Ford for autos).
3. Photos

Before and after pictures - they prove a claim
Specific details that are unique to the product (e.g. from zero to 60 mph in under 12 seconds)
The right words... using relevant technical terminology creatively so that what you're writing about sounds real and substantial - for example"
Our state of the art GPS navigational system gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions, while echo cancellation and noise reduction gives you excellent sound quality...

This may seem like a lot of work to do to build a credible product offer. But if you don't build credibility, you will have a hard time proving your case to your prospect and an even harder time selling anything to them.

Assume your prospect is already skeptical and do everything to prove your claims beyond a doubt.

It will make your copy much more successful.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

About The Author:

Nicky M. Jameson is a results-oriented B2B and Social Media Copywriting Expert who helps mid-sized and entrepreneurial technology companies stay profitable, competitive and successful. She's the author of the ground-breaking report The 19 "New" Rules of Social Media Copywriting. Get yourself a free copy of this special report at www.copywritingstudio.com/special-report.html. You can also contact and find out more about Nicky at www.copywritingstudio.com

How to excel the art of article writing?

Written by Amya Adora

Monday, 24 August 2009

Article marketing is a popular medium for online promotion. Writers use article writing techniques to keep the readers acquainted with the latest products and services. You can come across people who wish to buy a particular product but don't have the information about the qualities that describe the product effectively. Hence, these articles act as a guide for a layman, who reads them to collect information on the concerned topic.

However, you can find numerous articles on the Internet. A good article is the one that compels the reader to take some action or buy the particular market offering. It should create a need in the reader's mind. Hence, the given below article writing tips will be helpful for the writers.

Select a keyword:

Firstly, select a suitable keyword. The keyword plays a crucial role during online optimization techniques. Your article should revolve around the keyword. Repeat the keyword at least four to five times in the body of the article.

Select three points of discussion

Once you get the keyword, think of three issues (positive or negative) related to the topic. Jot them down on a piece of paper. Now, take each point and elaborate your views and practical evidences on them. Keep the information as interactive as possible. This grabs the attention of the reader. Add an introduction and conclusion paragraph to it and you'll get the complete body of the article.

Think of a catchy title

Article writing is incomplete unless you add an attractive title. The topic should generate readers' interest. A reader won't go through the body unless he/she doesn't find an appealing title. You can give a statement or raise questions like how to..? And what should..? To make the title attractive

So, follow these simple article writing tips to upgrade your content and take full advantage of this online marketing technique.
Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

About The Author:

Amya Adora is an online marketing expert with years of experience in online branding activities around the globe, with the US and UK markets in particular. She has also been an active participant in worldwide events related to various aspects of e-promotions(Affliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Software Development) and works as a consultant for Rupiz Media.

Hypnosis to Overcome Writers Block

Written by Roseanna Leaton

Friday, 28 August 2009

There's nothing more irritating to a writer to sit at ones desk and find that nothing pops into your mind or onto paper. Hypnosis will help you relax and access the creative part of your mind and get your ink flowing freely once more.
I received an e-mail yesterday asking how I came by my "rampant creativity" and whether or not I produced a hypnosis mp3 on this subject. I have never felt that my writing is particularly creative; rather I have what I think of as a "no-nonsense" style of writing. I just write about what I'm thinking; that's it really.

They say that there is a book in all of us, and I'm sure that there is. You just have to believe in yourself and commit to sitting down and allowing your words to flow. Everyone has their own approach to writing. Mine is probably a little unusual as I never have a plan with anything that I write. I just write the first sentence and if goes wherever it goes, if you see what I mean.

I remember when I was taking exams for my degree that you were advised that the examiner would mark you upon both your essay plan and your essay. I just couldn't do it. So, all I ended up doing was leaving a blank page before each essay and then going back and making a plan afterwards, just so I didn't miss out on those marks.

Whenever I try to plan an essay, blog or article my logical plan gets in the way of my creativity; the words simply will not flow. The result is stilted and forced and, to be truthful, not worth reading. I am sure this is what happens when one gets writer's block. Your logical mind is getting in your way. The problem with writers block is that as you become frustrated by your lack of words your creativity is further impeded; then you try to apply greater logical effort which once again blocks your creativity and a snow-ball effect ensues.

The way in which to overcome writer's block is to stop what you are doing and relax. Your creative mind will not work when you are tense or frustrated or when you are trying too hard. Your creative mind also needs fuel. You need to look around you with new eyes; you need to be "in the now" and apply full attention and awareness to what is going on around you. As you become absorbed in really LIVING your life you are constantly stimulating your mind. If you live your life in a constant circle of thoughts, you block out your perception of "now".

As you relax at night and drift off to sleep you will probably be aware that your dreams are incredibly vivid and creative. Your creative mind, your subconscious mind, comes to the fore as you relax. Hypnosis is the state between wake and sleep. Just by learning to use hypnosis you will learn to relax your mind and access the full power of your own creativity.

You can learn to use hypnosis with the help of a hypnosis download. It's easy, natural, quick and totally safe. In this way you can easily overcome writer's block; just learn how to relax with hypnosis and spend more time living "in the now". You will be happier and words will flow freely too. When you love life, everything becomes easier, writing included.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis for success, good health and well-being.


Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

About The Author:

With a degree in psychology and qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement. You can get a free hypnosis download from http://www.RoseannaLeaton.com and peruse her extensive library of hypnosis mp3s for success.