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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stop Thinking And Start Writing

The problem with most writers (or most wannabee writers like myself) is that we believe our writing isn't good enough (or interesting enough) to warrant being read. So, we continuously read, research, study various styles, make notes, dream, and brainstorm for ideas, in hopes to improve and create the perfect novel, how-to book, article, or blog. Years may pass by and some of us still won't even have more than a chapter or two finished.

Some of us are looking for a simple (or secret) "formula" that will give us the talent to create masterpieces with ease. But, that's not going to happen overnight. The best way to get to such a level (if it's possible) is to just write and write and write.

Look... If you want to be a writer - or, if you just want to express some ideas and opinions that you have swirling around in your head - stop trying to be "perfect" and just be You. Just say what you have to say. Just write. Keep it simple and stop trying to be "over-creative". You can always edit or "remix" later - before you try to publish or sell your work.

I know... Sometimes, it's not that we're trying to be perfect. Sometimes, motivation is the issue. Sometimes, we feel we have the time to make notes but not the time to write. Sometimes, we don't think we're smart enough, funny enough, or witty enough, and those things might prolong the creation of our "project". And, of course, "writer's block" or not knowing how to start is almost always an issue.

I'll say it again: Stop thinking about it and just do it. Write what you feel. Write what you believe. Write about the issue. Write what you visualize. Write your complaint or rant. Let your writing take over and stop wondering about how to start or what to say. Say what you want to say the way you'd normally say it. You can edit for clarity later if you need to or WANT to.

Yes, it's imperative that you plan and organize your ideas and draw up outlines and/or mind maps and all of that stuff. But, don't get hooked on reviewing and reviewing and thinking about the project and constantly making notes. If you do, you'll never get anything done and the only thing you'll get good at is researching and making notes. And, that's not what you want.

If you want to be a writer, you have to write.